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The very first time we ever made soup.

I didn’t know how to make soup until I googled it. I knew it involved veggies, water, stock and a blender but I didn’t know the order. I think the most important thing I discovered was that you have to fry some of the ingredients first, it would’ve been a pretty bland result if I’d missed that step.

I took my mighty knowledge of a cursory internet search and E to the kitchen to cook! I love learning with E and this was to be a new experience for us both.

We used the elderly vegetables left over from last week and some we bought yesterday. As far as I remember we used:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Baby spinach
  • Celery
  • Potato
  • Red pepper
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Oxo cube x 2

That looks like a lot of ingredients written out!

E got to work prepping the veg. The only reason there were a couple of potatoes in this soup is because she loves to peel them!

Important bit to novices like me! Fry off the garlic, onions, ginger, pepper and celery. When they were soft we added the rest of the veg, a kettle of water and two oxo cubes.

A tip I got from mumsnet – crush your oxo cube into powder whilst still in the packaging, this makes a perfect little sachet of powder without getting it everywhere and no gross stinky hands.

Put a wooden spoon across the pan to stop it boiling over and to confuse your children.

We simmered everything for a bit too long because we got distracted by A sorting through the cupboards like a Kindo obsessive, determined to completely empty them.

We left the pan to cook for a little while, probably about 15 minutes, then chucked it all in the blender to whizz it up. We discovered A does not like blenders.

The result was very very green and according to E “like one of those really healthy drinks that look cool but taste really gross”. Hmm. But she dug in and it was a success! Enjoyed a small moment of smugness that my child was enjoying the healthiest food she’d ever made (which wasn’t too difficult as previous things we’d made together were either cake or ‘something with lots of cheese’). She was happy with it, the baby was grabbing spoonfuls, now my turn to taste.

We had made… baby food.

This was not the lush green soup with hints of ginger, almost Asian inspired, that I’d hoped for. It tasted like the purées I used to make the kids before I had my eyes open to baby led weaning. Not entirely unpleasant but my tastebuds were pretty underwhelmed. The kids loved it though, although I think in E’s case it was because of the process of making it and the baby loved it because it was baby food. But even the teenager loved it, but that could have been the wild hunger of a girl who has not eaten since 7.30am, lovingly made sandwiches sweating at the bottom of her school bag as lunchtimes are far too important a social event to bother with such small things as eating.

Next time there will be lots, lots, lots more garlic, ginger and… whatever the *something* is that wasn’t there.

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