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Number Patterns

E is enjoying number patterns and has exhausted her books and my brain. Managed to find a fun little free resource here.

Finding or creating and sharing resources is something we are passionate about. So many good resources are locked up. I get that people need to make a living but if the people who liked to use work sheets, for example, had to pay for each one that amount would soon stack up. Home educators are often sacrificing a whole salary and keeping costs low can be essential to keeping a child/ren out of mainstream school.

I make many resources for E using Google docs. I usually make it in the evening and she accesses it from her laptop the next day. I want to share the uncompleted versions, and am working on a way to do that. Until then I will share any free gems I find in the course of our learning.

2 thoughts on “Number Patterns

  1. That’s one thing I’ve noticed can be a problem. Homeschooling can easily get so expensive. It’s tough because the people who create resources do want to get paid, but even at a couple cents per page, it adds up really fast.

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    1. It is very tricky as people do deserve to be paid for their work, obviously, but there will always be greed and those who are afraid of being ‘copied’. I dream of a big, free, open resource database 🙂

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