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Today we went to our fortnightly Home Ed meetup group. There was a huge range of ages, babies to teenagers, and it’s great to see them mixing, something that doesn’t happen in school where they are segregated into year groups.

We are lucky enough to have a 2 hour slot in the local youth centre paid for by the council. We have access to a large hall, covered basketball/football area and a brilliant forest outdoors.

E spent all her time outside making dens and generally getting muddy, lugging branches around and having the time of her life! I stayed inside with A where we did cake decorating and crafting boxes to put them in.

We have only been running the group for 2 sessions and we are off to a great start. There is a team of 5 organisers, all of us are home educating mothers, and we chat online lots, sharing ideas, budgeting, organising everyone’s roles etc. We have had a great response from all who attended, telling us how much they and their children enjoyed the time.

It is a great opportunity for HE families to meet and I’m so grateful to be involved in something so close to me, in every way.

Next fortnight it will be Book Week in the U.K. and we are currently discussing how things will be run. An idea is to have tables dedicated to different books/authors with related crafts. We will also be encouraging everyone to come dressed as their favourite characters!

Do you have any homeschool groups in your area? I’d love to hear about them!

“I look at the baby, the baby look at me..”

E in the 5 seconds she stayed indoors!

Den in the woods.

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