Fitness and Wellbeing

Spring is so close..

Today it was not freezing cold and the sky still had a little bit of light in at 6pm. I feel like I’m in Narnia and things are about to get real.

It is so easy to hibernate when it’s cold and grey outside. I have to really force myself out of the house in the winter and only get out so much because of the kids. Today we embraced the slight reside in temperature and brighter light and got out into the garden. We set up the weight bench and did some reps; me, E and Mr Cosy, baby just watched, confused. E has a natural strength and stamina so did a few 5kg lifts and then carried the weights around, making a path and a den and generally enjoying being outside in her realm. Us adults have wobbly arms now but definitely fell better for the exercise.


We accidentally disturbed some hibernating ladybirds while moving stuff around the garden. We regularly find lost ones in the house, I hope these ones managed to resume their sleep.







Over the fence, it’s not for everyone but it’s a beautiful view to me. And looks so magical in this promising February light.

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