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Learning About Angles

img_4612For maths today we used the BBC Bitesize website to recap angles. I like the Bitesize site but it seems to be forever going through an overhaul and I’m not sure it’s available outside of the UK. We went through acute, obtuse and reflex angles, parallel and perpendicular lines and using a protractor. We did the online quiz and tomorrow we will do some protractor work in the exercise book and play the online game.

We often use the Bitesize website, not just for E but also for L who is gearing up to begin her GCSEs next year. Both girls find it explains things in a way they find easy to understand with added clear diagrams. It’s not the most in-depth of resources but it’s brilliant for a recap or different angle.

Edited to add: found some brilliant and in depth guides and work sheets here at the aptly named math work sheet land!

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