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Helloooo Doris!

Today our part of the UK was hit by Storm Doris, which is a misleading name that suggests sweet and genteel elderly ladies whereas these were winds without manners. Despite blowing over our fences and gate and rattling hail against the windows at an ungodly hour in the am we figured that as we don’t often get to experience these kind of gales we had to get out in them.

We headed to our nearest local park spotting many fences down, seeing into other people’s gardens without the boundaries of privacy. Unsurprisingly, at the park there were only a few cars and bedraggled hardcore dog walkers around.

We enjoyed the hail and branches flying around. We found a sheltered spot to cuddle together and warm up

As you can see, the baby had the time of her life, at one with nature >_< Look at that face!!

We went back for the buggy so A could be cosy with her footmuff and windscreen, got the bikes out and hoods up but didn’t make it far before blue hands and sore ears defeated us. Back to Ditsy – our warm and ancient Mitsubishi Delica. 

Our trip into the storm was short but wonderful, Doris really did blow away the cobwebs in our brains. As well as most of the fence from around our house.

So of course today’s geography lesson was extreme weather! We tried a few videos and we liked this one the best:

Then we watched the local news showing how the weather was affecting the people around us and talked about how and why the wind could be much worse and destructive in other places. 

To continue the windy theme tonight we will be snuggling up to watch one of E’s favourite films The Wizard of Oz with hot chocolate. After the mild weather of the past few days we are now firmly back in winter mode!

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