Saag Paneer

We don’t get takeaway often but when we do it’s usually Indian and when it is it’s always saag paneer. As cooking is something I want to get better at, bringing the girls along in this learning journey, I decided to attempt it with E (not with mdma, E is my middle daughters initial 😀 just for clarification as I will be saying I’m doing a lot of things ‘with E’, this means her. Parenting is hard but I haven’t turned to class A’s yet.)

This is actually the third time I’ve attempted the dish but the first time with a 7 year old helping. The end result was very nice but the local takeaways don’t need to start worrying just yet, it wasn’t quite as nice as theirs, although probably healthier. It might be how I’m used to it but I think I’d prefer the paneer crispier and chewier. I fried it for as long as I dared but it was still very soft, which might be how it’s meant to be, fast food paneer is my only experience.

Our method:


Add 2 big spoonfuls of ghee to a large saucepan.

Chop up all the veg you want to fry, we grated the garlic and ginger because it’s easy for the kids to do and also I feel it blends them into the dish better than when chopped.

Fry the onion, green pepper, garlic and ginger until the peppers are soft (by which time the onions definitely will be).

In the meantime get your rice going

Add paneer to the veg in the pan and magically turn your rice yellow by adding turmeric as it comes to the boil. Cook paneer for as long as you dare and add stock (oxo cube and pint of boiling water) cook at a gentle simmer until reduced, add spinach and cook until it is fully wilted.

Serve with naan bread out of a packet because learning how to make your own is next on the list!

Next time we will:

  • Fry the paneer separately before adding
  • Attempt home made naan to serve with
  • Get a much better picture of the finished product

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