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Growing Tomatoes 

We were lucky enough to be included in The Big Seed Giveaway which is an organisation that gives free seeds and learning resources to local schools. I thought I’d give applying as a home educator a try and was delighted to be accepted.

We received our project pack at the weekend which included seeds and lots of high quality printed resources/worksheets. I got enough for 2 ‘pupils’ which I plan to share among all three girls but mostly focussing on E so she got her own pack of seeds and L and A shared (not that the baby had any idea of what was going on and mostly wanted to sample the soil. Yum.)

I wanted to keep the pots as contained as possible so put 5 small plantpots inside a plastic box which will had as a tray to hold water and will make it easy to move around

There were approx 6 seeds in each pack. We were going to label the pots but the girls decided to just share all the seeds over the pots, I expect they will take ownership of them once they begin to sprout.

The plastic box fit perfectly in this window sill in the kitchen but we might move them around with the sun.

We made a display of the colourful information sheets we were sent and I made a worksheet for E based on the smaller ones included. I will make regular updates as soon as germination begins. I’ve grown tomatoes before, way back in the mists of time, and can’t wait for the girls to experience the magic of teeny tiny seeds growing into huge plants, the yellow flowers and then tomatoes! Keeping my (green) fingers crossed that all goes to plan.

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