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Study in the Sun.

The spring has hit our middle part of England hard and today was finally warm enough to lay out a blanket and sit on the grass. It’ll probably be snowing next week so we won’t be getting our flip flops and sun cream out just yet.

Because our wi-fi doesn’t stretch to the garden we took a break from google docs and online resources and took some workbooks outside to work from. We like the CGP books, I remember using them as a teenager to scrape through my GCSEs when school couldn’t help and they are still as easy to follow and ‘plain English’ today. We also have a Carol Vorderman Decimals book with an intergrated 10 minute timer which we don’t use. Part of choosing to home educate was to ease pressure, not to place time constraints on work.

I like to have frequent assessments so I can see where E is at, what she is flying through and where she might need a little more help. The CGP book has a good selection of practice questions so we picked a page, I read out the questions and E wrote the answers in her exercise book. This is the sort of maths my 7 year old is doing:

(Click picture to enlarge)

The teenager, L, had a review day at school so we went to that (she is doing well, if a little bit distractable and chatty) and then she also joined our study party in the garden where she worked on her Spanish which she has just been accepted to do for GCSE next year.

I love that L jumped into a vest and skirt at first sight of the sun whereas E is almost certainly anatomically attached to her jacket.

The baby helped by heating pens and sitting on books. She loved the grass and garden and if it is grey and raining when we wake up tomorrow I might cry!

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