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Cheese, please.

Our learning style could be classed as ‘relaxed’, if we are measuring these things, and sometimes a simple question can lead to a ‘lesson’.
I love cheese. I am cutting out bread, pasta and other overtly carby things so I am eating a lot of cheese. It has its own box in the fridge and sometimes I even share. I gave the kids some mouse cheese (Emmental) and there came that question, “How is cheese made?” I had a vague idea but, together, E and I investigated, we watched a few videos and read about the history of cheese and all the different types.
We really enjoyed this video from the Naked Science Scrapbook. It’s a fun, clear and informative style that E really enjoys. It’s great that we can pause the video and look at the page on the screen. We will definitely be watching more videos from the Naked Scientists!

Now E is writing about cheese in her book, a lined exercise book that I don’t know how to name. It’s where she writes about any given or chosen topic and draws a picture to go with it. This allows her to be creative in her writing and drawing but also lets me keep an eye on her handwriting, spelling and grammar. 

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