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Growing tomatoes: update.

Our tomatoes didn’t get off to a very good start. There were many disappointed mornings of peering into barren plant pots and moving the tub into new optimum sunlight spots. Good old cling film came to the rescue when I had a brainwave whilst wrapping sandwiches, it’s when I have all my best ideas. We turned the tub into a mini greenhouse with a layer of clingfilm across the top. This made the environment warm and moist enough for the seeds to germinate – it felt like almost instantly!

Now we have excited faces watching these tiny little plants change and grow every day. We are a very long way off until we have any fruit but try telling the 7 year old that! 

There was obviously a bit of a strange distribution of seeds but we will carefully transplant each little seedling into his (oh dear, I’m getting attached – ‘his’) own pot when they get a bit stronger.

We love how this one is still clinging onto its seed case! 

I’m sure there will be more updates now we’ve got over the embarrassment of empty pots!

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