Attachment Parenting

Making our choices work

It’s not always convenient to have a baby who will only sleep on her parents, who does not have a cot or bed of her own, but we make it work. She’ll stay with her dad more and more but he still has to work. We wrap her tightly to him so his arms are free and he gets to cuddle and work at the same time, he spends so much time working that these little moments are special. It is definitely exhausting sometimes, having a baby with no routine and needing to be ‘in arms’ to sleep (for the most part) and I do have to remind myself of my beliefs and the bigger picture sometimes

2 thoughts on “Making our choices work

  1. My first son was very much like this. It was exhausting. But we fell into making it work. He was happy, and we were happy. He’s now a joyful, intuitive 7 yr-old and an absolutely phenomenal big brother. Much luck and love! Y’all are doing great!!


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