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Growing Tomatoes- Week 5

Our little seedlings are growing fast, sprouting more leaves every day and looking like they don’t want to share soil any more and be repotted individually.

I’m not sure if they look a little yellow? E thinks not but I’m sure I can see a tinge. We will investigate later to see if it’s normal and if it isn’t, what can we do about it? 

I hand drew this worksheet to match the others. Sometimes it’s nice to crack out the pens and get a bit creative. It would definitely look much neater if I’d made it in Word but it would also definitely be more boring.

Our favourite development is the tiny little root hairs. When we repot we will bury the first set of leaves under the soil.

Definitely overcrowded now, and perhaps a little bit yellow? Or maybe my eyes are still adjusting to natural green after a long grey winter!

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